Ghost Citadel

Doc Search

Sue disappeared [her player didn’t make it to the meetup] in a flash of light – it maybe have been related to the amber crystals that the group found in the giant goey bug’s lair. Her guard dog remained behind, happy to tag along with Vhaidra and Rex.

The group went back down to the dungeon level and released the lizardfolk prisoner; he had been wound up in a web since they first met him. The lizard man, Korrud, was weak but after being given water and food was able to go with the group. They discovered that he was a paladin.

The group had run-ins with humanoid creatures with spider-like features, that spit webbing and said “Welcome to the end of all things” a lot.

In the main hall, the group was approached by a cleric of Bane holding one of the bracelets that transfers residents of the Zhentarim citadel to the ghost citadel. The cleric, Suddilis, told them he thought he could help them “escape” the ghost citadel. (He assumed that they had been placed there by the wizard that they killed, which was true only in the case of Korrud.) His offer was to help them if they could recover a stash of documents that he believed the wizard had secreted away in the ghost citadel.

The group tentatively agreed, though they of course did not trust Suddilis. Following him through the citadel, they watched him going through the late wizard’s room. In the room, there was a crystal box that, like the wizard’s amber dagger, existed in both the Zhentarim and the ghost citadels. Suddilis became very aggitated when they discovered the box, and insisted that they not take it with them.

The group searched more of the citadel and discovered a web-filled lair in what was once a cistern – in the Zhentarim citadel it was filled with water, but it was dry in the ghost citadel. They fought some “arachlings” and discoverd two metal chests in a corner of the room.



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