Ghost Citadel

Ghosts in the Chapel

Rex, Sue and Vhaidra took a simple reconnaisance job- but within seconds of being teleported to the site, their teleportation crystal malfunctioned and they were ported again.

They found themselves in a prisoner’s cell. The prisoner, a lizardman, had been tortured and could only give them a little information: They were in a Zhentarim citadel. The prisoner had been brought in through a portal, and then tortured by a tiefling wizard.

As they ventured out, they soon discovered that the Zhentarim were insubstantial to them – not simply ethereal, but truly not present except for their visual images. The Zhentarim could not seem them at all.

(Among the citadel’s “substantial” inhabitants were critters that looked like three-eyed dwarves with lobster claws for hands – the group dubbed them “goey bugs.” These attacked mindlessly and were dispatch with relative ease.)

A Zhentarim wizard passing by the group held a dagger that they noticed was not transparent… They were able to grab it away from the wizard after a brief tug-of-war. The Zhentarim freaked out—all they could see was a floating dagger. During an attempt to recover it, the wizard used a bead bracelet to transfer himself to the ghost citadel. The group wounded him and he dropped the bracelet, becoming insubstantial to them again. The Z’s retreated upstairs.

On the main level, the group encountered a massive “goey bug” with long tentacles. At the same time, the wizard and several soldiers with bead bracelets attempted an ambush, that left the wizard dead.


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Ghosts in the Chapel

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